87% of online businesses use video marketing, are you?

Video: the future of content marketing. 

The answer is yes! Not only because everyone is doing it, but because video is one of the most versatile and engaging digital marketing tools out there.

Not convinced yet? Check out 3 reasons why you should use video for your brand now.

  1. Google loves video: In a report from Movely.com, you’re 33 times more likely to show up first on Google if you …

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Cause Marketing & How it can work for you!

Want to take your wine business to the next level? Here’s a tip for all wine lovers, makers, and retailers; pair good wine with a good cause.

In the vast world of marketing I’m sure you have heard of or will come across the concept of Cause Marketing (synonymous with Cause-related Marketing). Pushing the boundaries, Cause Marketing is a marketing tool used to sell a for-profit product or service with the intention of benefiting a non-profit.

By linking a product to the virtue of a greater good, it encourages consumers to foster loyalty with an existing brand or switch brands while simultaneously increasing sales and driving more awareness to the cause at hand. Revolving around a company’s individual goals, Cause Marketing is a strategic method to not only differentiate the business but embrace social responsibility.

How can this work for wine industry? Let's take a look at some success stories.



A message in a bottle, with every purchase NASTY WOMAN WINES donates a percentage of proceeds to charities driven to getting “more women to the table”. Founded on Election Day 2016, Meg Murray, was just one of the many women around the world who became concerned about the future of women and the advancement of gender equality. Allowing for 20% of net profits to go towards making gender equality a reality. Feminine, confident, and passionate, NASTY WOMAN WINES speak for themselves and with names like ‘Pave The Way Chardonnay’, ‘Pantsuit Pinot Noir’, and  ‘Boss Lady Bubbles’, you can’t help but feel as though you are a part of the movement.

Jackson Family Wines:


In a 21st century challenge, and as a growing agricultural business, the wine industry must be aware of the environmental impact of everyday tasks including, water usage, herbicides/pesticides, waste management, etc. Dedicated to demonstrating accountability and the importance of operating in a sustainable manner, Jackson Family Wines strongly believes in educating others on the matter. A large production winery, but still centered around family, Jackson Family Wines donates to organizations that serve the local Sonoma community by educating and promoting sustainable workforce practices, especially sustainable winemaking.

ONEHOPE Vineyards:


Going above and beyond, ONEHOPE has one vision, and that is to make the world a better place. A community built around a vineyard,  ONEHOPE produces bottles that give back on a larger scale. Donating 50% percent of their profits to charitable causes, the wine brand allows consumers to choose where to donate their money. From breast cancer research to, environmental restoration, providing clean drinking water, ending childhood hunger, and increasing pet adoptions, the areas in which one can help are endless. Provided it's a relatively simple concept with a huge impact; it’s an easy method allowing consumers to simply pop open one of their favorite bottles, perhaps a Glitter Edition Brut or a Rutherford Estate Sauvignon Blanc, and indulge in doing good.

Ready to change your company’s social impact?


The future looks bright for Cause Marketing in the wine industry, as more and more people are buying from businesses that give back, maintain quality over quantity, and that have some sort of an emotional tie. Creating a charitable business model does not mean you have to re-invent the wheel or embark on the journey of starting an entirely new business. Many in fact are turning to solutions as simple as offering special promos and donating part of the sale proceeds, or taking a creative route by launching a second label.

At this point, it’s important to notice that the nature of the wine industry naturally attracts people that are of a generous spirit and often engage in philanthropic behavior. However if Cause Marketing does not impact sales in conjunction with being able to give back, it will be difficult to justify the investment. Keep in mind that, along with an emotional backing and the desire to make a difference, a rational perspective is necessary to assure that donations are being matched with an increase of sales.

Final word of advice…

Create the bottle people feel good about drinking.

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5 Facebook Ad Mistakes That Are Failing Your Winery

Feeling Like Sardines

Did you know that last year there were over 2 million advertisers on Facebook? Well, stats are expected to show over 4 million advertisers will be on Facebook by the end of 2017. It’s a jungle out there and you need to make sure you aren’t shooting yourself in the foot.

After working with hundreds of brands in the wine industry, common threads show up in the mistakes that are made. So, I have compiled a hit list of the top 5 mistakes that can make the biggest impact on the competitive space of Facebook advertising.

Error #1. Not A/B Testing

The digital space is not “one-size-fits-all”. Yet, many wineries make the same type of ad without testing multiple styles of content.


More often than not, this step is skipped because Facebook A/B testing is overwhelming and there often is not a game plan in place to define success.

How to Fix It – Single out the content you want to test. For example:

  • Images
  • Audience targeting (travel, wine, foodie, etc.)
  • Page to send to (home page, special offer, etc.)
  • Gender

Single out what makes a difference for your brand.

Error #2. Advertising Without A Gameplan

Seems like this one is staring you in the face, but this is the key that should start the car. Too many wineries place ads and boost posts without confirmation on the goal.


What does your winery want to achieve?

  • Email acquisition
  • Clicks to your website
  • Engagement with your posts
  • Increased followers
  • Other

How to Fix It – Identify the business goals that can be achieved on Facebook. Script what success will look like and track your stats.

Error #3. Not Tending to Your Ads

A sure way to fail your winery is to set up an ad and check back when the ad is over. An ad is like a plant. Ignoring it will kill it. This may be the biggest mistake that new marketers make with social marketing.

When you click submit, your ad is going to cost you money…even if it doesn’t work. If you choose not to tend to your ads, you are throwing money away.

How to Fix It – Set regular days to check in on your ads. Analyze what is working, turn off ads that underperform, and transfer budget into successful ones.

Error #4. Not Installing Facebook Tracking Pixel

If you don’t track what people do on your site when they come from Facebook, how will you know if someone purchases? Many wineries ask how to define ROI. If sales are a tangible goal for your winery, this is a must.

The way it works is that you install the pixel on your website and Facebook will tell you who goes where. From landing page to conversion, it is all tracked. Pretty cool right?!

How to Fix It – Install the pixel – Click here to see how

Error #5. Don’t Stay Up To Date

Light is now changing at the speed of Facebook. Even when you work every day in business manager, a new button shows up just to make your day a little more difficult. Thanks Facebook!

Like it or not, this is the environment we live in. Just be like James Bay and “Let it go”!

How to Fix It – Follow Facebook News – Also, make sure you subscribe to our Astra newsletter.

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Avoiding Major Mistakes in Your Email Campaigns

Email campaigns have a variety of elements which decide the success or failure of the send itself, and sometimes these elements can be hard to define unless you know what to look for. Was it the subject line that made the email completely fail? Or was the visual style not appealing? You may not know exactly what the problem is, but a good place to start would be with the following blog by Mike Madden on Marketo.com, outlining 3 big email marketing mistakes negatively affecting your campaigns. 

View article here

View article here

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