Astra is a digital marketing agency dedicated to the direct-to-consumer channel of the wine industry.


Taking your brand on an upward journey to the stars...

Are you looking for a marketing partner who provides an end to end digital marketing solution worthy of a long-term relationship?

Wineries face a crowded consumer landscape in the direct-to-consumer channel so it is crucial to have a savvy, professional team strategizing, coordinating, and implementing your digital marketing initiatives.

The Astra Process

Astra services start with a comprehensive social media & digital deep-dive. Our proprietary introductory service will accomplish two things:



Provide insight into how you measure up against your industry competitive set


Set a clear vision, strategy, and roadmap to reach your business goals & metrics


What You Get in the First 7 Days:

✓ Your Mobile user-experience vs. best practices for driving engagement and sales across channels

✓ An itemized list of "low-hanging fruit” and opportunities for improvement

✓ An understanding of how large your current social imprint is (quantitatively and qualitatively)

 Website Search Engine Optimization audit (including a profile and visibility)

✓ Complete transparency around pricing from start to finish.