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Email Marketing for wineries specializing in custom email design, list segmentation, A/B Testing, and driving sales through email.


Email Marketing




Email marketing today is both art and science. More than 65% of consumers read email on a mobile device. Are your customers and prospects paying attention to you? We can help.


The most effective campaigns offer consumers relevant content consistent with their relationship with your brand across all platforms and is mobile optimized. Using our email marketing tool kit, cutting-edge software, and industry knowledge, we help craft targeted and tested emails that outperform what you can do on your own.

Email Campaigns & Data Segmentation

Working on major email platforms such as MailChimp and Constant Contact, we are able to achieve the primary goals of email marketing: building and maintaining a healthy email list, segmenting your data robustly to serve customers with the content they want, and designing quality content that drives clicks and ultimately conversions. We focus on unique email designs that singularly represent your brand and the demographics of your email subscribers.

Using A/B testing on every campaign and implementing multi-level data segmentation, all of our email marketing efforts are driven by what your customers are most likely to engage with. Two of the most important side effects? Improved open rates & click-through rates. By optimizing the structure and content of your email for opens and clicks, your email conversion rate will improve.

Cart Abandonment & Drip Email Campaigns

Automation campaigns are an integral part to your email marketing strategy. Implementing a well-designed & brand-appropriate cart abandonment email campaign recovers revenue you never would have had. Drip email campaigns function similarly in creating revenue opportunities where previously you had none. By orchestrating trigger-based drip email campaigns, we are able to serve a multitude of needs from introductory campaigns sent to new subscribers to continuing the conversation after a new customer has visited your tasting room. Using all available customer data points serves to create the most tailored experience possible for your email subscribers.



Email Content Creation; Personalization and A/B Testing; Template Creation; Email analytics