3 Ways to Optimize BottleRock Visitor Traffic

Memorial Day Weekend will bring thousands of visitors to Napa Valley… Are you ready?


Now in its sixth year, BottleRock Napa Valley is the wine-iest music festival around—and thousands of fans are expected to attend in 2018 alone. With one-day passes selling out in mere minutes, and three-day passes selling out in less than an hour, the demand is clear. The hype is for good reason, too — from featuring exquisite food and wine vendors at the festival to bringing dozens of top performing artists, this three-day experience showcases Napa culture and presents a real opportunity to neighboring businesses to engage with the demographics who attend the festival.

To make the most of the influx of visitors, we put together a few best practices.


1. Develop an offer that you can measure

Start by discussing your offer with your team. What unique experiences might your winery offer to visitors? Try an exclusive tour or wine pairing for those with BottleRock tickets. Or maybe you want to boost tasting room traffic. Either way, you’ll want to make sure there are measurable key performance indicators in place so that you can determine what results stem directly from your marketing efforts. Embed your reservations widget directly on your website so that the traffic from your advertisements land on your site.


2. Use Geo-targeted Ads

Let’s start with the basics. Using geo-targeting within Facebook’s ad manager allows you to engage with relevant and potential customers. Leading up to the event, start with a wider radius and target cities around the Bay area with interests relating to BottleRock. Optimize your campaign during Memorial Day Weekend by narrowing the geo-targeted area to Napa Valley. Focus on local traffic during the weekend.


3. Use Your Data + Target Specific Interests

Supercharge your ad delivery within Facebook by using the custom audience feature. Upload your email list as a custom audience. Then, expand on that rich data by selected lookalikes, which helps find people like your best customers based on the data you provided.

Next up is the interest feature. You can select interests such as “BottleRock Napa Valley,” “music festivals,” or “Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival.” Use these selections and the data above to build your ad with your desired expected reach. Audience still too large? Consider narrowing your audience further with specific wine interests relating to your brand.


Execute, review, and plan for next year

Lastly, let your optimization work its magic. This festival continues to grow and grow, so your strategy should be improved upon year-to-year. Having an event with such prestige and popularity in the summer allows you to showcase to visitors all of the fabulous reasons to visit Napa Valley. So, in the musical spirit, let’s put on one heckuva show.

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Hannah Bornhofen