Astra is a digital marketing agency dedicated to the direct-to-consumer channel of the wine industry.

Our Mission

Deliver best-in-class marketing services to wineries, big and small, by providing a timely, relevant, and consistent digital message to their current and prospective customers.

Wine consumers engage with wineries for the emotional rewards they receive when visiting and then continue the experience through wine purchases made through a myriad of touch points — all on their terms.
We help wineries provide the best possible experience everywhere outside of the winery.
— Ron Scharman, CEO, Astra

astra leadership

Astra Digital Marketing is led by CEO Ron Scharman and his professional team of digital marketers. Ron has 16 years of diversified experience in the wine DTC channel, including retail and restaurant, compliance and logistics, eCommerce & CRM software, and wine marketing.

He continues to be an instructor at Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute, where he teaches courses in Wine eCommerce and Direct to Consumer Marketing. Ron holds B.S. and MBA degrees from Cornell University.

  Ron Scharman,     CEO, Astra

  Ron Scharman,     CEO, Astra