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Winery Digital marketing for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & other social platforms. We focus on brand management, image, awareness, & community engagement.



Tag it, tweet it, boost it, tease it.




Our social media marketing execution is a goal-oriented marketing practice, focused on engaging targeted audiences and converting them into purchasers. We take your tailored strategy and turn it loose in a social landscape that delivers measurable results that positively impact your business. Your brand is unique. Every strategy we deliver is fitted to you. Kind of like a tailored Armani suit.

Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter Marketing

Our Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter marketing approach is part of our overall marketing strategy. Building brand awareness through cultivating your social audience is a key part of cultivating trust between the consumer and your brand. It also is paramount to humanizing your brand in the eye’s of your customer. This level of trust is achieved through detailed social engagement centered around community building.

Social media marketing fits seamlessly into our omnichannel marketing strategy using the full capabilities of the Facebook Pixel. Installing the Facebook Pixel on your site, we capture all incoming traffic which is then retargeted on Facebook using targeted spending on boosted social posts and paid advertisements. Additionally, we reach new audiences by creating a lookalike audience that matches your high LTV customers, site visitors, among other data points.

The idea is that your brand’s personality is carried across each channel. Your social presence should echo the first-class experience customers receive both in-person and online.


This Service Includes:

Profile Creation; Optimization; Daily Monitoring & Engagement; Visual Branding; Original Content Creation; Paid Social Advertising