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Astra Social

We help wineries build creative digital campaigns focused around a dynamic social presence that drives data capture, tasting room and website traffic, and incremental wine sales.

Consumers will engage with you and your brand in different ways depending on the digital social platforms used. Astra can help you create the most cost effective mix of social media marketing to achieve your strategic growth objectives. Sample services include:

Our social media execution is a goal oriented marketing practice, focused on engaging custom audiences and converting them. We take your tailored strategy and turn it loose in a social landscape that delivers measurable results that positively impact your business. 

Your brand is unique. Every strategy we deliver is fitted to you. Kind of like a tailored, Armani Suit.

Astra Search

SEO and SEM are viewed as “black arts” by much of the wine industry, and it’s more than just ranking first on Google.

The fact is that the return on investment from Search remains one of the highest in the digital marketing world. With nearly 65% of website traffic across all industries coming from organic search, not having the right SEO strategy in place means losing potential customers. That’s where Astra Search comes in.

Astra provides a holistic approach to SEO that means your web content will be seen by more of the right people more frequently, at the right time. It’s about connecting with the intent, the needs, and the emotions of potential customers and brand advocates. This results in wineries being able to acquire new customers through proven cost effective SEO and SEM pay-per-click marketing strategies.

Astra helps businesses, large and small, reach their best targeted consumers, and drive incremental wines sales and profits.

Astra Email

The way to the heart of your customer is through well-timed, consistent and relevant content. Sample services include:

Email today is both art and science. 65%+ of consumers today read their email on a mobile device, most often on Gmail. Are your customers and prospects paying attention to you? We can help. The most effective campaigns are ones that offer consumers relevant offers consistent with their relationship with your brand, and across all platforms.

Using our email marketing tool kit, technology, and industry knowledge, we help craft targeted and tested emails that outperform what wineries can do on their own.

Two heads are better than one, and our team brings more than that to investigate, solve, and apply solutions to the most effective and measurable tools in marketing. Email.


Astra Media

Content is king these days, and creating and promoting good content is no longer an option.

Whether for your website, app, social media, or other marketing media, good content drives traffic, shares, and wine sales. Astra delivers relevant content that drives engagement and sales through cost effective content marketing.

From awareness to conversion, we tell your story in a way that engages users, builds brand awareness, and drives visitation and sales. We know the wine industry and we know your customers. Wine is 85% water, and 15% magic, and the magic is in how we help you tell your story and differentiate your winery and brand from your competitors.

Astra’s content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive engagement, visits, and wine sales. Our bottom line is to turn potential customers into brand advocates.

Whether that’s customized written content and photography or video for your website, blog, or for social media marketing use, Astra creates content with a clearly defined purpose that is always aligned with your business goals.