Giving Back is Good for Business

Volunteering gives you the warm and fuzzies, but it can also boost your business!

In a world driven by the bottom line, customers and employees are valuing ‘giving back’ more than ever.

Among our small—but mighty—team here at Astra, we believe any step we can take toward improving our community is not only beneficial for business but good for the soul.

One of our favorite events is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night Walk (more about that later).

Corporate community engagement is a win-win for your staff, your community, and your network. So, if your business isn’t in the business of giving back, what are you waiting for?


Engage your employees

Engaging in community causes gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! Happy people just do better all around. They just do.

Research shows:

Corporate responsibility and volunteer programs continue to grow in popularity—because they’re working. Employee happiness in the workplace is often overlooked, however, camaraderie is key for boosting team morale. Establishing a volunteer program often addresses these issues.

When your company is a positive force in the community, it’s going to be a positive force in the office and in the industry.


Build a Positive Reputation in Your Community

The U.S. wine industry is made up of 9,500+ wineries, with a majority found in seven regional hubs.

When your competition is just ‘up the Valley,’ building a respectable brand in the community is critical and valuable. It’s a simple cycle to understand… Businesses help people, those people spread the word; and those people become advocates and customers.

For example, if your brand is passionate about sustainable farming, or several employees have a personal connection to a medical condition, focus on that! Identify needs in your community and make targeted efforts to give back.

And it doesn’t have to be all about giving dollars—just get involved. Dedicate a day or a weekend each year to physically show up and help out. It’s just as impactful.


Increase Your Network

In the hit TV series Mad Men, a successful character once said, "Philanthropy is the gateway to power." (Cue Don Draper stare.)

The who’s who of your community are often involved in philanthropic organizations. Getting involved as a community partner will open doors to those powerful individuals and invaluable resources.

Community leaders involved in philanthropic organizations understand the importance of employee and community engagement—they’ll even respect you for it.


How are we involved?

For the last three years, Astra CEO, Ron Scharman, has served on the Leadership Committee for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Light The Night Walk event in Napa Valley. His son was diagnosed with leukemia in high school and is currently in remission. Our team has proudly provided ongoing digital marketing services for the event.

Every team member at Astra has a personal connection to persons with blood cancers. This year, in addition to Ron’s volunteerism and digital marketing, we have formed a team with our affiliate company, FlyWithWine, and set a $10,000 fundraising goal. The mission of LLS closely aligns with our team and personal values. We are committed to bringing us closer to living in a world without blood cancers!

In the Napa Valley area? Join us!

When: Sept. 16, 5-8 p.m.
Where: Oxbow Commons
Registration: FREE! Click here to join Team FlyWithWine


What philanthropic organizations is your company involved with?