6 Tips for Mastering Instagram for Business

With over 700 million active users and over 1 million business profiles, Instagram is the center of visual discovery. Businesses worldwide are using Instagram now more than ever to advertise their story, increase brand awareness, and target audiences of interest.

To that point, here are some quick and easy tips that will ensure you're using Instagram like the pro we know you are!

1. Utilize your Bio Section

Centered around imagery, you don’t have a lot of room to impress other users with your words. Located beneath your icon, there is a small, yet vital section intended for you to describe your business. Predominately viewed on a mobile device, keep these few precious sentences informative but snappy. Users are looking for the basic information: the name of your company, what you offer, and where they can purchase the product/service.

Tip: Don’t forget to add the option for customers to call, email, or map your location.

2. How frequently is too frequent?

Daily is fine. Instagram users prefer to stay updated on brands they follow. Posting once a day or every other day keeps your product relevant, and in the mind of customers. However, posting more than once a day will result in a dramatic decrease in engagement. Followers tend to get annoyed at that frequency and may turn off your notifications or unfollow. There are exceptions to every rule, but we recommend the rule unless your brand is nearing Kim Kardashian status.

3. #s

#Marketing. Hashtags are a crucial part of content marketing on Instagram and can make or break a profile. Using the right combination of hashtags can help extend your brand’s reach to a large targeted audience. Not only that, hashtags are a great way to research competition, organize posts, and attract new followers.

Did you know that there are several types of hashtags? Let’s take a look at a few that can help improve your Instagram strategy.

  • Community #s: Common hashtags that connect users with similar interests. With a popular following, community hashtags improve your SEO and help gain followers based on specific communities. #DigitalMarketing #WineLover

Brand #s: Hashtags specific to your brand. Often unique, they have everything to with your brand's identity and conveying a message. #ASTRA

4. Instagram Stories

AS - Scene Clapperboard.jpeg

Move over Snapchat, Instagram stories are taking over. Giving followers a raw glimpse into your business, Instagram stories and Instagram Live are compelling ways to enhance your brand. Here are few creative ways to use Instagram stories for your business:

  • Limited-time special offer. Create an offer only valid for the duration of the story (24 hours) to spark prompt engagement and generate sales.

  • A look behind-the-scenes. Draw attention to your brand using exclusive footage otherwise not normally seen in advertising.

  • Takeovers. A fun exercise to grow your account, join in partnership and have someone guest star as a user for a day.

5. Instagram Ads

Photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, stories ads, the opportunities to meet your business goals are endless. The perfect way to step up your game, Instagram ads are much like Facebook Ads. Target a specific audience, set a connection to your page, determine the placement for your ad, and set the budget. See results in engagement, conversion rates, and website traffic.

6. Engagement

Interacting with other Instagram users is the bread to your butter. Likes, tags, mentions, and comments are social media engagement essentials. Building a following and earning customer loyalty is life-or-death for your business profile. Sure, you can resort to ‘bots’ to get off the ground running, but an authentic voice and personal connection will separate you from the rest.

Tip: Take 10 minutes a day, and engage!

Final Thoughts:

As an avid business Instagram user, these tips are a lifesaver! Incorporate them into your daily practices, discover what makes your company unique, and flaunt it. From brand hashtags to a personal touch of engagement, these easy-to-live-by tips will take your business above and beyond.

Did we miss anything? Share your Instagram tips and tricks below!