If you’re not pouring at SF Vintners Market, you should be

Sure, showcasing your wine at wine tasting events is great. Existing and future customers try and love your wine, but wouldn’t it be better if they could buy it right then and there? Enter SF Vintner’s Market: the first and only wine tasting and buying event helping family-owned wineries market and sell their wine direct-to-consumer.

Where is this unicorn of an event, you ask? It’s held at Fort Mason in San Francisco, and it’s back on November 4 and 5. SF Vintners Market is an ideal wine showcasing event, and it has a little something for everyone.



Wine tasting events can be frustrating. Why? Because you want to sell your wine! SF Vintners Market solves this problem. This event is hosted on federal property, which means you can sell wine to loving consumers ON THE SPOT.

Reach the right crowd

SF Vintners Market.jpg

With 6,000 thirsty Bay Area wine lovers waiting to try your wine, it’s time to choose the showcase room that’s right for you.

Main Room

If your wines retail for under $49 a bottle, the Main Room is a surefire way to get exposed to each attendee. Share the passion behind your wines and convert some new customers!

Register now: $400 with code FLY

Reserve Room

If you’re looking to reach the more sophisticated wine drinker and your wines retail from $50- $99 dollars a bottle, the Reserve Room is for you! Reserve room attendees are willing to spend a little more for access to your well-known wine selections.

Register now: $480 with code FLY

Cult Lounge

To make it to the Cult Lounge, your wines must retail for over $100 a bottle. If you’ve already achieved cult status, you know you have some enthusiastic fans wanting to try your wine! Serious wine enthusiasts are eager to get up close and personal with some of the best names in the business—including you! If you’re interested in providing the VIP experience while reaching an already whittled down audience of your ideal customers, this is your spot!

Register now: $480 with code FLY

Don’t miss out!

Fort Mason

Trust us, you do not want to miss the opportunity to pour alongside some of the top producers in California and even the world. In case you need any more inspiration to go, use the link below to get 20% off your registration from our affiliates at FlyWithWine. See you there!  

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